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  • Nevada Jobs & Economy – Our area has been particularly hard-hit by this economic downturn with far too many Nevadans out of work. Creating jobs for Nevadans must be our top priority. I supported a jobs bill to create 8,000 jobs and incentives for renewable energy development projects that create Nevada jobs.

    Education – We need to provide opportunities for all students, whether they go into the job market right out of high school or go on to college. We need more career and technical education programs in our schools, as well as programs to help those struggling to succeed and the gifted and talented. Our economic recovery depends on our commitment to education.

    Health care – I have long been active in efforts to help working men and women navigate our health care system. Nevadans need better access to quality, affordable health care. We also need to continue to work to protect patient safety.

    Government efficiency and accountability – We need to improve tracking and collection of unpaid taxes, to require more transparency in state spending and better long-term planning by state agencies.

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