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Maggie Carlton was born in 1957 in St. Louis, MO--  the oldest of five children. Maggie’s always known the value of hard work. Her father worked as a technical sales representative for Kodak and after years as a homemaker, her mother returned to work as a parish and school secretary. At age 15, Maggie took her first job at a dime store and at 17 began waitressing—and she never stopped working.

In September 1981, Maggie married her husband, Merritt, and they began a family. Together, they have raised two daughters—Grace and Lucy. Both girls attended public schools in Nevada and graduated from local high schools. Maggie’s always been a working mom, but still found time to participate in her children’s activities including Girl Scouts, Sunday School, softball and swimming.

In 1990, Maggie and Merritt decided to move to Las Vegas because it offered greater opportunities for their family—professionally and for their children’s future. Maggie continued to work as a waitress in various locations, including Marie Callender’s, and in 1993 took a position as a coffee shop waitress at the newly opened Treasure Island Hotel and Casino—a position she would hold until December 2007. In 2008, she took on a new role as the community and workforce development officer for Great Basin Primary Care Association. The association addresses the issues of access to quality health care for the underserved and uninsured.

Maggie joined the Culinary Union in 1993. By 1994, Maggie was a shop steward, an employee advocate, helping employees address their concerns with management including health care issues, contract negations and working conditions.

In 1998, Maggie decided to take her community involvement to a greater level and by running for the State Senate – a role she had for 12 years happily representing her constituent's concerns. Maggie has always viewed her role as a senator as a spokesperson for all the working men and women who clock into work every day who worry about job security, safety conditions, the cost of health care and supporting themselves and their families. Maggie’s role as a Senator was the same as her role as a shop steward—advocating for the citizens of Nevada on a daily basis.

After those 12 years, Maggie Carlton stepped into the role as an assemblywoman for District 14 in 2010. Nevada's economic concerns made her even more detirmined to help the needs of those in  her community. “Just because times are tough, I’m not going to quit. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done next session--providing good and safe jobs and quality education, and stabilizing our neighborhoods. I want to be there to be a strong voice for the constituents in my district.” We are asking for your vote to keep her hard at work for the needs of Assembly District 14, Clark County, and Nevada!

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